Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 and Some Things Have Changed

I guess it's been a few years, eh?  After my 2008 challenge, I got down to around the 150 pound mark, and I had to stop my personal training sessions with Krista due to the amount of money it cost.  I felt comfortable enough and confident enough in what she had taught me that I continued for a little while doing everything that was in my fitness notebook.  Then, I began to backslide.  And backslide, and then roll down the hill, and then be in the middle of an avalanche.  I gained 15 pounds, feel deeper into a depression, and was not really happy with anything, least of all the size of clothes I was wearing and how I was feeling inside.

I discovered running, and for awhile, I just had to force myself to do that.  I'd "run" for two minutes, then walk for three.  Pretty soon, I'd flip that, running for three, walking for two.  It built after that until I could jog for thirty minutes at a time, and I was elated!  I wish I could take back that day when I was doing sprints and I sprained my hamstring.  That was the summer of 2011.  Saw an Active Recovery Therapy specialist (Dr. Hummel is AWESOME!) and fast forward to now, which is the summer of 2012 when my hammie finally feels 95% healed.  I can jog anywhere between 30-60 minutes on the treadmill, depending on how much sleep and carbs I get, and I lost those fifteen pounds again.  I feel good only during the times when I am exercising, so that left another 23 hours of misery.

I was a pretty healthy eater--I eat all the healthy carbs and at the right times of day.  I did splurge once a week which generally resulted in such profound pain from the bloating that I wondered why I tortured myself!  I could expect to be "back to normal" by Wednesday following the Saturday-evening splurge.  Then I would eat a healthy carb (whole grain) and would balloon right up again.  After so much reading, I made a decision.

Go Gluten Free.

Holy mother of all wheat, Batman.  Today marks the end of three weeks being gluten free, and I have had no bloating after eating anything.  I don't have to wait until Wednesday to "be back to normal," because I am my normal self every day.  Of course, I have changed the types of splurgy meals that I like to eat, but call me crazy, but dang if I do like my tomatoes, chopped spinach, and parmesan cheese all mixed together.  And don't even get me started on the kick ass gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich that I love.  Oh, and grilled portobello mushrooms!  There is such a huge world of good food, and the only thing I truly crave are the Cheez-Its.  I have to find a healthy alternative to those little demons, but to get myself credit, I have not cheated on this one time.

I have read articles that suggest people not to do a gluten-free diet unless they need to for a confirmed case of Celiac Disease, but perhaps if more people ate fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy lean meats, and alternatives for wheat, then perhaps we could start healing our bodies from the inside out.

At the end of these three weeks I've noticed an increase in energy, fewer sneezing fits, no bloating, and I have lost five pounds.

Gonna keep on keepin' on.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Day 90: Another Rest Day

Day 90: I'm learning to trust when I need to give it a break. I'm taking two rest days in a row just because I didn't get as much sleep last night and I just feel run down again. I think the circuit workouts are kicking my butt (which is a good thing)!

Yesterday was a pretty heavy-calorie day topping out at 2500+ calories. Today, I'm down to 1500, so I'm hoping that spike helps moves things forward.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Day 89: Closing in to Day 100...

Day 89: I am up a pound to 150 and I am wondering if this is ever going to happen. It's three weeks into the summer, and I think I look a little leaner--I just wish I found the magic like I did before. I guess I just need different magic!

I will give the A.D. one more week, and either tweak it or dump it. I think I'll tweak it. After next week, I think I'll consumer 100-150 grams of carbs pre and post workout on my heavy-lifting days--two of them.

I am also needing to raise my calories slowly and get out of this 1300-1400 calorie rut.

Weight: 150
Measurements: 5/31 to 6/7

Neck: 12/12
Shoulders: 36.5/35 (-1.5)
Pecs: 31/31
Waist: 26/26.25 (+.25)
Hips: 34/34
Bicep (rel.): 11/11.25 (+.25)
Bicep (flxd): 12/12
Thighs: 22.25/22.5
Calves: 15.25/15 (-.25)
Wrist: 5.75/5.75

Pictures are from 5/17/08 when I started the A.D. to now, June 7, 2008

Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 88: And I am NOT craving chocolate

Day 88: At WalMart, we passed by an end-cap of cartons of Whoppers. My dear husband made a comment about them and he about fell over when I told him that I didn't really feel like chocolate. Perhaps high fat=lowered cravings.

I did more walking around today during summer school. The kids all left earlier than usual (it IS Friday, afterall) and so I was able to leave a little bit earlier.

Today's workout:

CIRCUIT A (12-15 reps per set)
A1. DB press: 15/12 x 3
A2. Front Squats: 45/12 x 3
A3. Face Pulls: 45/12 x 3
A4. Deadlifts: 45/12 x 3
A5. Jackknife on ball: -/12 x 3

As much as I was psyched about this workout, things always look different in the morning. Ha. Once I got going and my heartrate was up, then I was into it. Had the mind-muscle thing going on and was really concentrating on the movements.

CIRCUIT B (15-20 reps per set)
B1. Military Press: 15/12 x 3
B2. Split Squats: 15/8 x 3
B3. Lat Pulldowns: 45/15 x 3
B4. Glute-Ham Raise: -/15 x 3
B5. Basic Crunches: -/15 x 3

I seemed to have forgotten that I need to have a lower weight to get the reps in that I need. I should have lowered the split squat weight to 10s so that I could get that 15-20 reps in. The 15 lbs. were killers in this circuit. I also don't think I'm doing the glute/ham raise correctly--I'm not feeling it anywhere back there. I need to find a different exercise to fill this slot until I can get the form down. And though I didn't do all of Circuit C, I did a part of it. I supersetted the biceps/triceps. At first I wanted to do the barbell, but 45 lbs was just too much to handle after the first two circuits, and my wrists are giving me fits. I lowered down the curls to 15s.

CIRCUIT C OPTIONAL (15-20 reps per set)
C1. BB Curls: 15/15 x 3
C2. OA lying tri ext's: 15/10 x 3

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Day 87: Not just sittin' around

Day 87: Sitting around bothers me. And that's all that's going on in the mornings of my summer school. There is nothing for me to do except get on the Internet or bring stuff to read, plus I'm writing again. And I do get up just to walk around and once in awhile, I'll even leave to go to the restroom. After yesterday's bladder constriction for four hours straight, and if I'm going to squeeze in a protein shake in the middle of the morning, I will HAVE to leave that room to literally go.

So ... I've decided that for every hour of sitting around, I need to match that with an hour of activity--whether it's housework, mowing, working out, etc. We'll see how that goes.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 86: Ready for carbs again ...

Day 86: I'm dragging rear-end today. I just don't remember feeling this down and out the first time I did the A.D. I had some cashews after my weights today just because I knew there were carbs in there.

Legs, no cardio:

Okay, so apparently the carb-up this past weekend REALLY helped, or I've been really wimping out in trying heavier weight. Sunday, I thought the heaviest I could do was a 95 lb. wide-stance squat. Today, I got that number up to 115 lbs.

3 Sets
A1 W.S. Squats: 65/12, 95/10, 115/8
A2 Ham Curls: 45/12, 45/12, 45/10

B1 One-Leg Ext's: 65/12, 80/10, 80/10
B2 RDL's: 95/10 x 3

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Day 85: Freedom of Speech

I forgot to log a funny over the weekend when I was still carb depleted:

My family and I had gone to a restaurant (yay carbs!) and my 7-year-old needed to use the restroom. After ... she needed to tie her shoes and she plopped onto the floor.

I said, "Don't sit there, Sweetie, the door is flirty."

She looks at me and caught on right away: "The DOOR is FLIRTyyyy?"

"Oh, you know what I mean; I have no carbs, yet." And we both start giggling.

* * *
Today is a steady-state cardio day, but when I hopped onto the treadmill this morning, I just couldn't make things go. It was so beautiful outside that I decided I would go to the park and walk. But then, I thought, I don't really want to drive--why not just walk through the neighborhood and beyond. So I did. I have a comedian on my MP3 player and laughed myself silly for 45 minutes + stretching. I even got to explore a little walking path in the south section of the development (it's a no-no to us northenders. I feel so naughty).

Today's food plan is:
Fish oil with every meal

M1: 1 egg, 1 egg white, 3 ozs. chicken, greens
M2: MD Shake w/whipping cream, Superfood
M3: 4 ozs. chicken, salad, mustard
M4: MD Shake w/whipping cream, Superfood
M5: 4 ozs. LEAN burger w/bacon wrapped. Salad

Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 84: This BETTER destroy the Fat!

I had THE workout this morning. It was so intense, it was just absolutely what I needed to change up things. And when I first read through it a couple of weeks ago and there was an "Optional Circuit C," I thought, "Yeah, I'll be tackling that one, too. It can't be that bad."

I'm such an idiot. ;p

My destroying fat workout (preferably destroying the fat in my glutes, hips and thighs) is as follows:

Circuit A--no rest until 3 sets completed:
A1 Benchpress: 45/12 x 3
A2 Sumo Squats: 45/12 x 3
A3 BO BB Rows: 45/12 x 3
A4 Deadlifts: 45/12 x 3
A5 Jackknife on ball: -/12, -/15 x 2
Rest 2 minutes between circuits A & B

Circuit B--same resting parameters
B1 PushPress: 15/8 x 3
B2 OL Ext's: 70/8 x 3
B3 Lat Pulldowns: 50/10 x 3
B4 Glute-Ham Raise: -/8 x 3
B5 Crunches: -/15, -/20 x 2
Rest 2 minutes before SS cardio

23 minutes steady-state cardio/treadmill

M1: Metabolic Drive, heavy cream, fish oil
M2: Egg Whites, strawberries, cream cheese, superfood, fish oil
M3: Tuna, lettuce, olive oil, mayo, fish oil
M4: Metabolic Drive, heavy cream, fish oil, Greens+
M5: Chicken, lettuce, olive oil, fish oil

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 83: Yay Carbs?

Day 83: I have to laugh because as much as I enjoyed carbs and as much energy it gave me, I knew the day after would be a little uncomfortable. I'm just a little bit bloated, but not nearly as badly as I thought I would. Perhaps that's due to the carbs being transported right into my muscles? Let's hope so. I'm just a little bit sore this morning from yesterday's workout, but perhaps it'll worsen today.

This morning's workout: Lower body.

A1 Wide-Stance Squats: 65/12, 85/10, 95/10, 95/10, 95/8 (I was able to increase this by 30#s).
B1 Rom. DL's: 95/10, 95/8, 95/8
C1 OL Ext's: 70/12 x 5
D1 Standing Calf Raises: bw/35 x 2
E1 St. Calf Raises/21s: Bodyweight @ 3 different angles 21 times each angles = 63 reps:
bw/21 x 2
F1 Walking Lunges (to finish things off): bw/12
G1 Cooldown: Tread, steady state, 17 mins.

I am ordering Versa Gripps TODAY. I could have gone much heavier on the deadlifts, but my wrists couldn't handle it.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

This was my upper body workout

This is NOT the fat-destroying workout by CT, but my own lame attempt at putting together an upper body workout.

A1 Lat Pulldowns: 70#/6, 60/8, 60/8
A2 DB Press: 20/12, 20/12, 25/10
A3 Hammer Curls: 20/8, 20/8, 20/5
60-second rest between circuits

B1 Arnold Presses: 15/8, 15/8, 15/8
B2 One-Arm Rows: 25/12, 25/10, 25/10
B3 Concentration Curls: 15/8, 15/8, 15/8

C1 Bent-Over DB Rows: 20/12, 20/12, 25/10
C2 Dips (not weighted): -/10, -/10, -/10
C3 Ab Tucks on ball: -/20, -/15, -/15

10 minutes cooldown on tread

Day 82: YAY CARBS!!

Day 82: OMGoodness, I made it to Day 13 of the A.D. again. I love this day best of all, I think, but only because I'm not feeling the bloat yet that I'll have tomorrow. I had a very plain bagel pre-workout and then half a scoop of Surge post-workout, but only because that was it in the tub. An hour and a half later, I had two waffles, 1/2 Cup strawberries, a teeny bit of whipped cream and sugar-free syrup.

I was extremely happy to feel that I had energy overflowing after that bagel. I ate it about half an hour before doing a heavy (to me) upper body workout, and it was just so incredible to want to push push push. By the time I got to the waffles, I probably could have run a race, and now about an hour after breakfast, I still have the consistent amount of energy.

Now how do I put this information about carbs and my body to my advantage? WWBD? Or WWKD? (What would Berardi do? What would Krista do?)
Weight: 149 (-4 lbs.)
Measurements Last Time/This Time:
Neck: 12"/12"
Shoulders: 35.5"/36.5"
Pecs: 29"/31"
Biceps (relaxed): ?/11"
Biceps (flexed): ?/12"
Waist: 26.5"/26"
Hips: 33.5"/34"
Thighs: 22.5"/22.25"
Calves: 15"/15.25"
Wrist: ?/5.75"


Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 81: Wrestling with the Lawnmower

Day 81: Must have carbs ...

soooooonnnn ...

Does it count to have a post-workout meal after trying to start the friggin' lawnmower? It took me a good 20 minutes with three breaks to get it going. Holy cow! At least I got an upper back workout from the ordeal, although, that was pretty one-sided. I guess if by the end of the summer one side of my body is more developed, I can blame it on trying to get the lawnmower going.

Weight: 149

Pics, Measurements and the pre-Carb-up Day (WOOHOO!) weight will be logged in tomorrow.

I was starving by 8:00 last night, so instead of letting myself be hungry, I fixed a protein shake with whipping cream in it. It hit the spot. But today, I'm really crabby. I don't know if it has anything to do with lack of carbs (under 30 grams for the past 12 days) or if it's just because I'm awake. I'll take a look at my mood tomorrow after having oats or beans for breakfast.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Day 80: Sleeping in

Day 80: I'm holding at 148.5. Sleeping in during summer vacation has been wonderful. I know that beginning next Wednesday when I have to report to summer school by 8:00 will pinch that sleeping-in time, but I'm taking advantage of it while I may.

No weights today, but as soon as I get Em off to summer latchkey, I plan on hitting cardio in the basement.

Spent 65 minutes on the treadmill today.

I do have to report that my jammy pants are loose--coming straight out of the dryer. Another pair of slacks that I wear were also loose.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 79: It's falling ... it's FALLing ... !

Day 79: Weight: 148.5.

Nuff said. :)

Today was Legs and cardio day. At around 7:45 a.m. I did legs, then at 11:00 I did cardio at the Y.

A1 One-Leg Exts: 45/15 x 2; 65/10 x 2
A2 One-Leg DLs: 20/8 x 4

B1 Sumo Squats: 45/12 x 2; 65/10 x 2
B2 Leg Exts: 65/12 x 1; 80/12 x 3

C1 Walking lunges: -/12 x 2

35 minutes bike
10 minutes of this was high intensity with 15 second sprints and 30 second cool-downs.

Overall workout time: 1 hour 15 minutes

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 78: Plugging Along

Weight: 149.5

Day 78: I'm wondering why I'm not very sore in my back or chest. I certainly felt it yesterday when I was doing this workout! I also am disappointed that I couldn't get my benchpress up past 75 lbs. There could be a couple of reasons for this:

glycogen stores are actually depleted with this diet
I didn't push myself and really could have gone past 75

I am really looking forward to sweet potatoes, beans and bread on Saturday--my first carb-up of this new anabolic diet season. I'm not tempted with foods, yet, and in fact, my only craving seems to be for cheese. Hot, gooey cheese. Funny.

Yesterday's workout:
Chest & Back
A1 Benchpress: 45/12, 65/6, 75/4, 65/8
A2 BO BB Rows: 45/12, 65/10, 75/10, 65/10
60 sec rests between supersets

B1 Flyes: 20/10 x 3
B2 Pulldowns: 50/10 x 3
60 sec rests between supersets

C1 DB Pullovers: 25/10 x 2
C2 OA Rows: 25/10 x 2
60 sec rests between supersets

25 mins. steady-state treadmill for 1.15 miles

This morning's workout:
Steady-State cardio; 1-3% incline; 30 mins. No energy.

Edit: I AM VERY sore tonight.. DOMs has definitely set in.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 77: The beginning of the End

Day 77: I wrote that this is the "beginning of the end" because I am bound and determined that this is the last summer that I need to lose fat. From every summer from here on it is going to be maintenance or muscle building, but the fat will be gone. How's that for confident? (or stupidity?) Anyway, I've put my stubbornness on like a thick coat and am pushing my heals in and will do this. I'll be weighing in every morning and even on the carb-up days that will begin this Saturday. Also, on my first week back on the A.D., I haven't really been concerned with calories, but I'm going to begin logging that as well today, too.

Weight: 149.5

I had such a hard time sleeping last night. I don't think it was just me taking a 30-minute nap, either. I was hot, I woke up with the storm, and I had some crazy dreams. One thing I had to talk myself out of was if Emily had thrown out her gum that she had after dinner. I came to the realization that she never had a piece of gum in the first place. And even if she did, we didn't see it when she was saying her prayers before going to sleep. I don't know why my mind had to latch onto this. It was totally absurd!

I slept through my alarm this morning; I was apparently able to get to sleep at some point in the night, but it means that I didn't get up to work on chest/back like I wanted. I will work on those areas, but it will be this afternoon rather than first thing.

For the rest of the induction of the Anabolic Diet, I will be doing as heavy-as-I-can lifting with a mix of steady-state cardio. However, on Saturday, I'll be beginning a Christian Thibaudeau program called the "Fat-Destroying" program. I thought I'd begin then because of the carb-up opportunity.

Day 1: Heavy lifting chest/back + alactic work (sprinting) (15 second/60 second)
Day 2: Lactate-inducing workout 1 + 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work
Day 3: Steady-State or OFF
Day 4: Heavy lifting quads/hams
Day 5: Steady-State of OFF
Day 6: Lactate-inducing workout 2 + 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work
Day 7: OFF

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Day 76: The day's half over already!

I slept in SO late! 7:00. Haven't slept that late since -- I think I was sick when I slept that late. The storm woke me up in the middle of the night whenever that was, but I don't think I had trouble going back to sleep. I feel a little groggy with all of this sleep, but I'm sure I'll work through that with some coffee.

Day 76: I've learned that feeling guilty over taking time off from an intense exercise plan is silly. This time needs to be taken in order to provide absolute muscle rest and be given an opportunity for those muscles to spark when restarting the plan.

My lower body is crazy sore this morning, and it's a good sore. I haven't felt this in a long time, so taking the time off really helped. I'm also quite happy that I made it through a Saturday without feeling deprived of carbs. No one tempted me with wanting to go out to eat, and no one mentioned having any of my cheat foods--there was the moment when my other half wanted ice cream for dessert, but I made my sweet egg/strawberry thingy and was quite happy with that.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 75: Getting a Leg Up

Day 75: Leg Day. If I'm back at it, might as well begin with the trouble areas, right? Even though the weights were light, my lower body was toast by the time I finished. Walking up the basement steps took a little effort. I think taking a week and a half off of weights was a good idea just so that I could start over again and feel the burn again.

5 min. w/u on tread.

A1: Wide-Stance Squats 45/10 x 4
A2: Bulgarian Split Squats -/10 x 4
60 second rests between sets

B1: Sumo Deadlifts 45/12 x 2
B2: One-Leg Extensions 45/10 x 5
B3: Ham Curls 45/12 x 3
60 second rests between sets

I had to stop the sumo dl's because I felt something not so good in my lower back. Rather than continuing, I decided to do the ham curls instead, so that's why the set numbers are so different.

I crawled upstairs and because I'm adding BAM to my workouts now that it's summer vacation time, I took the jump-rope onto the driveway. I've been wanting to get outside to do extra cardio work, but the park seems to be too dangerous at the times that I want it. So, next option is the drive way. I jump roped for 15 minutes until my MP3 froze on me, and then went to the backyard and did heavy-duty gardening, shoveling four loads of compost and hauling. All of that required upper body work along with squating and bending over, ab work and pretty much everything inbetween. That took me 30 minutes.

Overall time was an hour and 15 minutes.

Today is also Day 6 of the anabolic diet that I began again last Monday. I feel good now--I think I hit the low-carb wall on Day 3 or 4 which is when I had my "dead day," the day I woke up at 1 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. I am so proud of myself that I pushed through and didn't go for the chips in the pantry. Honestly, with so much fat, I don't even crave junk food. I love my olive oil, fish oil and sometimes butter. I also have a new favorite recipe that I could probably eat six times a day: My Sweet Egg Strawberry and Cream Cheese Dish

1 Egg
3-4 Egg Whites
Sweeten with Splenda and scramble
Cook in a pan with olive oil--make it resemble the shape of an omelet
Place the cooked egg into the freezer

Slice up 1/3 Cup Strawberries
Grab the egg from the freezer

Add onto the egg 1 Tablespoon Cream Cheese
Add on the sliced strawberries
Fold the egg over


Friday, May 23, 2008

One HECK of a week

I took a little hiatus for about a week. I just couldn't stand to think about fitness or logging food, or anything. I didn't want to write, I didn't want to do anything. I also had a hard time sleeping, and there was one night this past week that I woke up at 1 a.m. and tossed until 2 a.m. before finally getting up. That was definitely a tough day to get through! Went to bed at 7:30 that night and woke up feeling much better, though.

Although I've taken off with weights, I have been eating on the anabolic diet. I'm on Day 5 right now with 7 days to go. Weekends are the most difficult with all the foods that are around, so I've warned that I am not going to have a free meal (or free mealS) this weekend.

So ... tomorrow it's back on with the weights. I'm anxious to get back to it and it ought to be pretty brutal. I've got the body that I'm working towards envisioned in my head, and I'm still and yet determined to reach that vision.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pics: It's like ... the same.

Day 68: No Love Handles?

Day 68: For the first time in MONTHS, my Saturday a.m. body doesn't have the puffy, swollenness that it usually has. My week has just simply been all cardio (jogging, fast walking) and more carbs. Perhaps it just needed a big change ... ? I took pictures this a.m., so I'll get to compare with my past pics. I'll post those later.

I didn't weigh, though, nor did I measure. I'll get those in next week when they becomes my "befores."

Friday, May 16, 2008

Days 66 & 67: Revamping the System

Days 66 & 67: The other day I was thinking about going off plan until the end of the school year and then restarting on May 24th--a Saturday. The more I think about it, the more I'm going to do it. I'm going to continue to do cardio only, eat a moderate to higher carb diet (not crazy, just good, healthy foods), then do the anabolic diet again. I think what made it so successful is that I was eating low-carb/high fat, but I was also in a higher calorie range which was probably right for my system. This resetting of my body with the higher carbs for the next week and a half and then suddenly going low-carb with higher calories should theoretically shock my system. I'm all about experimentation. :)

My cardio has been so far in the 50 minutes to 60 minutes range with an incline of 1-8% at 3.0 - 4.0 miles per hour. I've also discovered that I seem to have the most energy in the 7:00 a.m. range which totally goes against my schedule, of course. Even this summer, I won't be able to use that energy for my workouts. So, I just deal with it the best I can. I am already envisioning the early-morning cardio workouts and then the early afternoon weights workouts at the Y. Summer school gets out at noon, so I'll be heading to the gym to take advantage of something other than my home gym. Perhaps I can even perfect my squat.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 65: Hot Holy Headache

Day 65: I'm learning to be flexible and to live life rather than let something else rule me.

I've finally come up for air after a battle with a horrendous headache. The pain was closing in on a migraine where I was feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach. I ended up ditching the nutrition and workout plans, took two Tylenol PMs by 5:30 yesterday afternoon after sitting in a hot bath that didn't make me feel any better and I think I was asleep by 6:30 last night. Woke up at 4:00 and was so afraid to move--afraid that the pain would return the moment I moved.

It didn't.

So I got one foot out of bed, then the other, then headed into the basement for a little steady-state. I didn't want to do weights to tighten up my back and shoulder muscles because that's usually what causes my head to flare up nowadays. I keep telling myself that I deserve a massage, but I never get one. I think I need one at this point.

* * *
I am toying with the idea of relaxing my nutrition and fitness plans until school's out in a week and a half. I wouldn't go hog wild to the buffets or anything, but have more carbs, do fun workouts, try new things, but wouldn't totally go all out until May 24th--the day after teachers report to work. Starting then, I might feel less stressed by doing double workout sessions: one a.m., one p.m. I could go longer and Emily and I could hit the Y together.

I don't know--just toying at this point. After this week, it may just be a good idea to take a week off.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Day 64: Partly Cloudy

Day 64: I haven't learned anything yet today. I know how I FEEL today and it's just a good thing that Sharon and I cancelled the early-morning park rendezvous. My head is splitting open and my throat hurts. I "slept" in even though I'd hardly call it sleeping, more like restless snoozing. I took some Dayquil instead of my RapidCuts, so I hope I feel better soon to make it through this day.

Plan for the Day:
Meal 1: 1 Scoop Metobolic Drive, 1/4 Cup Oats, greens
Meal 2: Protein Shake w/blueberries
Meal 3: 5 ozs. chicken, 1/2 Cup asparagus, 1/4 Cup brown rice
Meal 4: same as 2
Meal 5: 5 ozs chicken or tuna, salad
Meal 6: Cottage Cheese

IF I workout this afternoon, I'm doing legs that I missed yesterday and then doing HIIT afterwards.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Days 62 & 63: New Plan

Days 62 & 63: Perhaps I should have titled my log as "Quest to Burn Butt Fat."


I am changing again just because I want to see if something works. I've been doing high fat, low carb --or just the carb after a workout when I've earned them, but I'm going to do an experiment on myself.I don't understand why my bodyfat isn't moving with the above plan, so I am going to be adding in more carbs throughout the day except for my last meal. I am increasing my exercise volume, as well, splitting up my cardio and my weight training.

Here's the Plan:
4:15 a.m. 65 minutes fasted steady-state cardio with a mix of walking and jogging on a 3-5% incline (treadmill)

Meal 1: 2 eggs, 3 egg whites, 1/4 C (before cooking) Oats, black coffee, Greens
Meal 2: 1.25 serving Metabolic Drive, 1/4 Cup blueberries, greens
Meal 3: 5 ozs. Chicken breast, 1/4 C brown rice, 3/4 C Asparagus, 1/4 C fresh-from-the-garden green onions. Green Tea
Meal 4: 1.25 serving Metabolic Drive, 1/4 Cup blueberries, greens

Weight Training (Legs)<-- This didn't happen. I came home from work with a migraine

Meal 5: 5 ozs. chicken, 2 Cups mixed greens/spinach salad w/onion, 4 ozs. swt. potato. Green Tea
Meal 6: 1/2 Cup 1% cottage cheese, natural peanut butter

1 gallon water

10g Fish oil throughout the day

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Days 59, 60 & 61: Time flies!

Days 59,60,61: I'm going to totally cut out dairy, including my beloved cheese, and see what effect that has.

Remember those 3 pounds down last week? Well, it's right back up with those same flippin' 3 pounds this week. I have to figure out what it is that I'm eating on Thursday or Friday nights that could be the cause of this. And all three of those pounds seemingly end up being the muffin top of my body. I don't have it on Friday ... perhaps it's cheese. I think I have a reaction to dairy. I think I slacked on the water intake these past few days, too.

Did upper body this morning with some lower body mixed in in the form of Good Mornings (the real kind, not just my pitiful squats), and Push/Press. I have to recheck the proper lift for that because something just didn't seem right. I was happy to see that my DB hammer curls had increased to 20#s instead of 15#s I was stuck at for awhile. I also concentrated on feeling my muscles at the squeeze and am visualizing more.

A few goals of mine:
1.) Whip out a Chin up and awe myself
2.) Release my butt and thigh fat. Come on, you know you want to leave me.
3.) Jog outside 2-3 days a week. As soon as summer vacation hits, I plan on hittin' the road and get off of the treadmill.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Days 57 & 58: Dead Dawg Tired

Days 57 & 58: This week I have been dog tired. I slept in this morning (slept past the snooze portion of my alarm) and just decided to rest. I think I've said this before as one of the things I've learned, but rest is just as important as exercise.

I did use my weight vest during hall duty today. I've had to be a sub the last two hall duty days. I hate subbing, and would much rather walk. So today, I finally did. It's still 15 pounds, but next week, I'll add two more pounds.

Nutrition's been good. Tomorrow I practice squats again. Someone from Precision Nutrition sent me a Youtube link of Squat RX: I looked at the one of getting the Good Morning out of the squat, because I think that's the one I'm guilty of.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Day 56:

Day 56, and I feel like I'm finally getting some training wind back. I have a few ideas of how to fix some things, I am on track with nutrition and it seems that all I need to do is wait for my body to respond. This whole things is like another second full-time job with the numbers, the planning, the execution and the numbers again.

I left my lower body alone this morning and hit upper body. I really liked that squat and pull that worked the upper back last week, so I tried to do it again here at home.

I had been having trouble fixing protein shakes on the days when I taught sophomores (not their fault--just my busy days), so I pre-made my shakes, had them ready to grab out of the refrigerator at work, and sucked them down. The kids always ask me what I'm eating/drinking this time, and I usually have them grossed out before they leave.

"What do you mean that's cottage cheese and peanut butter?"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Day 55:

Day 55: I am still working on squats, and then I added in sprints on the treadmill inbetween sets. It felt really good taking off yesterday and even sleeping in. This morning, I had my alarm set for 5 a.m., but I must've still been sleepy because I snoozed until 6. Oops.

This afternoon, I took Emily to the park and she rode her bike and I "ran." I use the term loosely, of course; I am so not a runner. Although, I could make it half way around before I had to stop and trot a bit. Emily was not one to wait on me, either. She wanted to GO--especially now that she's learned how to ride. Perhaps Dale can keep up with her on his bike next time and I can practice my mad jogging skills while they're miles ahead of me.

No side stitches this time until close to the second time around. We stopped for a drink break and went around one more time. Came home, had a protein drink.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Day 54: Okay, this really hurts good

Day 54: I am so glad I ache from my waist down today. It shows that those squats really hit the right areas, thank goodness. I hope that I will be able to have muscle growth/fat shrinkage now that I know how to do them. Thank goodness I had Sharon put me through the grinder this past week, or else I'd never know.

Weight: 150 lbs. (-1 lb from last "official" weigh-in).

No measurements
No pictures

Although I woke up with thegood muscle aches, it was attached to a tremendous sinus headache. I hope to be back to normal, and if I don't have a cheat meal today, then I'll do all of those things tomorrow. IF I do cheat, then I'll wait several days.