Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 65: Hot Holy Headache

Day 65: I'm learning to be flexible and to live life rather than let something else rule me.

I've finally come up for air after a battle with a horrendous headache. The pain was closing in on a migraine where I was feeling dizzy and sick to my stomach. I ended up ditching the nutrition and workout plans, took two Tylenol PMs by 5:30 yesterday afternoon after sitting in a hot bath that didn't make me feel any better and I think I was asleep by 6:30 last night. Woke up at 4:00 and was so afraid to move--afraid that the pain would return the moment I moved.

It didn't.

So I got one foot out of bed, then the other, then headed into the basement for a little steady-state. I didn't want to do weights to tighten up my back and shoulder muscles because that's usually what causes my head to flare up nowadays. I keep telling myself that I deserve a massage, but I never get one. I think I need one at this point.

* * *
I am toying with the idea of relaxing my nutrition and fitness plans until school's out in a week and a half. I wouldn't go hog wild to the buffets or anything, but have more carbs, do fun workouts, try new things, but wouldn't totally go all out until May 24th--the day after teachers report to work. Starting then, I might feel less stressed by doing double workout sessions: one a.m., one p.m. I could go longer and Emily and I could hit the Y together.

I don't know--just toying at this point. After this week, it may just be a good idea to take a week off.

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