Saturday, May 24, 2008

Day 75: Getting a Leg Up

Day 75: Leg Day. If I'm back at it, might as well begin with the trouble areas, right? Even though the weights were light, my lower body was toast by the time I finished. Walking up the basement steps took a little effort. I think taking a week and a half off of weights was a good idea just so that I could start over again and feel the burn again.

5 min. w/u on tread.

A1: Wide-Stance Squats 45/10 x 4
A2: Bulgarian Split Squats -/10 x 4
60 second rests between sets

B1: Sumo Deadlifts 45/12 x 2
B2: One-Leg Extensions 45/10 x 5
B3: Ham Curls 45/12 x 3
60 second rests between sets

I had to stop the sumo dl's because I felt something not so good in my lower back. Rather than continuing, I decided to do the ham curls instead, so that's why the set numbers are so different.

I crawled upstairs and because I'm adding BAM to my workouts now that it's summer vacation time, I took the jump-rope onto the driveway. I've been wanting to get outside to do extra cardio work, but the park seems to be too dangerous at the times that I want it. So, next option is the drive way. I jump roped for 15 minutes until my MP3 froze on me, and then went to the backyard and did heavy-duty gardening, shoveling four loads of compost and hauling. All of that required upper body work along with squating and bending over, ab work and pretty much everything inbetween. That took me 30 minutes.

Overall time was an hour and 15 minutes.

Today is also Day 6 of the anabolic diet that I began again last Monday. I feel good now--I think I hit the low-carb wall on Day 3 or 4 which is when I had my "dead day," the day I woke up at 1 a.m. and couldn't go back to sleep. I am so proud of myself that I pushed through and didn't go for the chips in the pantry. Honestly, with so much fat, I don't even crave junk food. I love my olive oil, fish oil and sometimes butter. I also have a new favorite recipe that I could probably eat six times a day: My Sweet Egg Strawberry and Cream Cheese Dish

1 Egg
3-4 Egg Whites
Sweeten with Splenda and scramble
Cook in a pan with olive oil--make it resemble the shape of an omelet
Place the cooked egg into the freezer

Slice up 1/3 Cup Strawberries
Grab the egg from the freezer

Add onto the egg 1 Tablespoon Cream Cheese
Add on the sliced strawberries
Fold the egg over



Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

I LOVE doing single leg dead lifts. Have you tried them?

I'm so relieved we have a break!

Tracy said...

It's been a really long time doing OLDLs. I have another leg day coming up in a few days, so I'll have to try them out again. Thanks for reminding me!

It feels like a huge weight has dropped from my shoulders now that school is out. I'm also relieved that I don't have to teach sophomores next year--just freshmen and juniors. Juniors will be a new prep, but it's such a different curriculum than sophs. It'll be nice to not have to plan for awhile!