Monday, May 26, 2008

Day 77: The beginning of the End

Day 77: I wrote that this is the "beginning of the end" because I am bound and determined that this is the last summer that I need to lose fat. From every summer from here on it is going to be maintenance or muscle building, but the fat will be gone. How's that for confident? (or stupidity?) Anyway, I've put my stubbornness on like a thick coat and am pushing my heals in and will do this. I'll be weighing in every morning and even on the carb-up days that will begin this Saturday. Also, on my first week back on the A.D., I haven't really been concerned with calories, but I'm going to begin logging that as well today, too.

Weight: 149.5

I had such a hard time sleeping last night. I don't think it was just me taking a 30-minute nap, either. I was hot, I woke up with the storm, and I had some crazy dreams. One thing I had to talk myself out of was if Emily had thrown out her gum that she had after dinner. I came to the realization that she never had a piece of gum in the first place. And even if she did, we didn't see it when she was saying her prayers before going to sleep. I don't know why my mind had to latch onto this. It was totally absurd!

I slept through my alarm this morning; I was apparently able to get to sleep at some point in the night, but it means that I didn't get up to work on chest/back like I wanted. I will work on those areas, but it will be this afternoon rather than first thing.

For the rest of the induction of the Anabolic Diet, I will be doing as heavy-as-I-can lifting with a mix of steady-state cardio. However, on Saturday, I'll be beginning a Christian Thibaudeau program called the "Fat-Destroying" program. I thought I'd begin then because of the carb-up opportunity.

Day 1: Heavy lifting chest/back + alactic work (sprinting) (15 second/60 second)
Day 2: Lactate-inducing workout 1 + 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work
Day 3: Steady-State or OFF
Day 4: Heavy lifting quads/hams
Day 5: Steady-State of OFF
Day 6: Lactate-inducing workout 2 + 20-30 minutes of steady-state aerobic work
Day 7: OFF

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