Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Day 78: Plugging Along

Weight: 149.5

Day 78: I'm wondering why I'm not very sore in my back or chest. I certainly felt it yesterday when I was doing this workout! I also am disappointed that I couldn't get my benchpress up past 75 lbs. There could be a couple of reasons for this:

glycogen stores are actually depleted with this diet
I didn't push myself and really could have gone past 75

I am really looking forward to sweet potatoes, beans and bread on Saturday--my first carb-up of this new anabolic diet season. I'm not tempted with foods, yet, and in fact, my only craving seems to be for cheese. Hot, gooey cheese. Funny.

Yesterday's workout:
Chest & Back
A1 Benchpress: 45/12, 65/6, 75/4, 65/8
A2 BO BB Rows: 45/12, 65/10, 75/10, 65/10
60 sec rests between supersets

B1 Flyes: 20/10 x 3
B2 Pulldowns: 50/10 x 3
60 sec rests between supersets

C1 DB Pullovers: 25/10 x 2
C2 OA Rows: 25/10 x 2
60 sec rests between supersets

25 mins. steady-state treadmill for 1.15 miles

This morning's workout:
Steady-State cardio; 1-3% incline; 30 mins. No energy.

Edit: I AM VERY sore tonight.. DOMs has definitely set in.

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