Friday, May 30, 2008

Day 81: Wrestling with the Lawnmower

Day 81: Must have carbs ...

soooooonnnn ...

Does it count to have a post-workout meal after trying to start the friggin' lawnmower? It took me a good 20 minutes with three breaks to get it going. Holy cow! At least I got an upper back workout from the ordeal, although, that was pretty one-sided. I guess if by the end of the summer one side of my body is more developed, I can blame it on trying to get the lawnmower going.

Weight: 149

Pics, Measurements and the pre-Carb-up Day (WOOHOO!) weight will be logged in tomorrow.

I was starving by 8:00 last night, so instead of letting myself be hungry, I fixed a protein shake with whipping cream in it. It hit the spot. But today, I'm really crabby. I don't know if it has anything to do with lack of carbs (under 30 grams for the past 12 days) or if it's just because I'm awake. I'll take a look at my mood tomorrow after having oats or beans for breakfast.

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