Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Days 57 & 58: Dead Dawg Tired

Days 57 & 58: This week I have been dog tired. I slept in this morning (slept past the snooze portion of my alarm) and just decided to rest. I think I've said this before as one of the things I've learned, but rest is just as important as exercise.

I did use my weight vest during hall duty today. I've had to be a sub the last two hall duty days. I hate subbing, and would much rather walk. So today, I finally did. It's still 15 pounds, but next week, I'll add two more pounds.

Nutrition's been good. Tomorrow I practice squats again. Someone from Precision Nutrition sent me a Youtube link of Squat RX: I looked at the one of getting the Good Morning out of the squat, because I think that's the one I'm guilty of.


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Good ideas on the video. The overhead squat is very, very difficult. I'm surprised they used it as an example to correct squat form. I used it in my last workout routine and could never balance myself enough to make the full range of motion with the squat.

Tracy said...

I haven't even tried that overhead squat yet. I thought I'd get down a regular squat with no weight and see how it went before adding more difficulty to it. It looks really awkward to do, too.