Saturday, May 10, 2008

Days 59, 60 & 61: Time flies!

Days 59,60,61: I'm going to totally cut out dairy, including my beloved cheese, and see what effect that has.

Remember those 3 pounds down last week? Well, it's right back up with those same flippin' 3 pounds this week. I have to figure out what it is that I'm eating on Thursday or Friday nights that could be the cause of this. And all three of those pounds seemingly end up being the muffin top of my body. I don't have it on Friday ... perhaps it's cheese. I think I have a reaction to dairy. I think I slacked on the water intake these past few days, too.

Did upper body this morning with some lower body mixed in in the form of Good Mornings (the real kind, not just my pitiful squats), and Push/Press. I have to recheck the proper lift for that because something just didn't seem right. I was happy to see that my DB hammer curls had increased to 20#s instead of 15#s I was stuck at for awhile. I also concentrated on feeling my muscles at the squeeze and am visualizing more.

A few goals of mine:
1.) Whip out a Chin up and awe myself
2.) Release my butt and thigh fat. Come on, you know you want to leave me.
3.) Jog outside 2-3 days a week. As soon as summer vacation hits, I plan on hittin' the road and get off of the treadmill.

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