Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 83: Yay Carbs?

Day 83: I have to laugh because as much as I enjoyed carbs and as much energy it gave me, I knew the day after would be a little uncomfortable. I'm just a little bit bloated, but not nearly as badly as I thought I would. Perhaps that's due to the carbs being transported right into my muscles? Let's hope so. I'm just a little bit sore this morning from yesterday's workout, but perhaps it'll worsen today.

This morning's workout: Lower body.

A1 Wide-Stance Squats: 65/12, 85/10, 95/10, 95/10, 95/8 (I was able to increase this by 30#s).
B1 Rom. DL's: 95/10, 95/8, 95/8
C1 OL Ext's: 70/12 x 5
D1 Standing Calf Raises: bw/35 x 2
E1 St. Calf Raises/21s: Bodyweight @ 3 different angles 21 times each angles = 63 reps:
bw/21 x 2
F1 Walking Lunges (to finish things off): bw/12
G1 Cooldown: Tread, steady state, 17 mins.

I am ordering Versa Gripps TODAY. I could have gone much heavier on the deadlifts, but my wrists couldn't handle it.

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