Monday, June 2, 2008

Day 84: This BETTER destroy the Fat!

I had THE workout this morning. It was so intense, it was just absolutely what I needed to change up things. And when I first read through it a couple of weeks ago and there was an "Optional Circuit C," I thought, "Yeah, I'll be tackling that one, too. It can't be that bad."

I'm such an idiot. ;p

My destroying fat workout (preferably destroying the fat in my glutes, hips and thighs) is as follows:

Circuit A--no rest until 3 sets completed:
A1 Benchpress: 45/12 x 3
A2 Sumo Squats: 45/12 x 3
A3 BO BB Rows: 45/12 x 3
A4 Deadlifts: 45/12 x 3
A5 Jackknife on ball: -/12, -/15 x 2
Rest 2 minutes between circuits A & B

Circuit B--same resting parameters
B1 PushPress: 15/8 x 3
B2 OL Ext's: 70/8 x 3
B3 Lat Pulldowns: 50/10 x 3
B4 Glute-Ham Raise: -/8 x 3
B5 Crunches: -/15, -/20 x 2
Rest 2 minutes before SS cardio

23 minutes steady-state cardio/treadmill

M1: Metabolic Drive, heavy cream, fish oil
M2: Egg Whites, strawberries, cream cheese, superfood, fish oil
M3: Tuna, lettuce, olive oil, mayo, fish oil
M4: Metabolic Drive, heavy cream, fish oil, Greens+
M5: Chicken, lettuce, olive oil, fish oil


Cafeaulaitskinnyandsweet said...

Looks tough! What the heck is Jacknife on a ball??? Sounds scary! :-0

Tracy said...

It was tough! After I completed the first set within the circuit, I just automatically wanted to rest, but I remembered that I couldn't quite yet.

A Jackknife is when you place the tops of your feet on a stability ball and get into a pushup position. Then you use your abs to draw in your knees to your chest--kind of an upside down crunch, plus you're trying to keep stabilized since you're on that silly ball.