Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Day 86: Ready for carbs again ...

Day 86: I'm dragging rear-end today. I just don't remember feeling this down and out the first time I did the A.D. I had some cashews after my weights today just because I knew there were carbs in there.

Legs, no cardio:

Okay, so apparently the carb-up this past weekend REALLY helped, or I've been really wimping out in trying heavier weight. Sunday, I thought the heaviest I could do was a 95 lb. wide-stance squat. Today, I got that number up to 115 lbs.

3 Sets
A1 W.S. Squats: 65/12, 95/10, 115/8
A2 Ham Curls: 45/12, 45/12, 45/10

B1 One-Leg Ext's: 65/12, 80/10, 80/10
B2 RDL's: 95/10 x 3

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