Friday, June 6, 2008

Day 88: And I am NOT craving chocolate

Day 88: At WalMart, we passed by an end-cap of cartons of Whoppers. My dear husband made a comment about them and he about fell over when I told him that I didn't really feel like chocolate. Perhaps high fat=lowered cravings.

I did more walking around today during summer school. The kids all left earlier than usual (it IS Friday, afterall) and so I was able to leave a little bit earlier.

Today's workout:

CIRCUIT A (12-15 reps per set)
A1. DB press: 15/12 x 3
A2. Front Squats: 45/12 x 3
A3. Face Pulls: 45/12 x 3
A4. Deadlifts: 45/12 x 3
A5. Jackknife on ball: -/12 x 3

As much as I was psyched about this workout, things always look different in the morning. Ha. Once I got going and my heartrate was up, then I was into it. Had the mind-muscle thing going on and was really concentrating on the movements.

CIRCUIT B (15-20 reps per set)
B1. Military Press: 15/12 x 3
B2. Split Squats: 15/8 x 3
B3. Lat Pulldowns: 45/15 x 3
B4. Glute-Ham Raise: -/15 x 3
B5. Basic Crunches: -/15 x 3

I seemed to have forgotten that I need to have a lower weight to get the reps in that I need. I should have lowered the split squat weight to 10s so that I could get that 15-20 reps in. The 15 lbs. were killers in this circuit. I also don't think I'm doing the glute/ham raise correctly--I'm not feeling it anywhere back there. I need to find a different exercise to fill this slot until I can get the form down. And though I didn't do all of Circuit C, I did a part of it. I supersetted the biceps/triceps. At first I wanted to do the barbell, but 45 lbs was just too much to handle after the first two circuits, and my wrists are giving me fits. I lowered down the curls to 15s.

CIRCUIT C OPTIONAL (15-20 reps per set)
C1. BB Curls: 15/15 x 3
C2. OA lying tri ext's: 15/10 x 3

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