Saturday, June 30, 2012

2012 and Some Things Have Changed

I guess it's been a few years, eh?  After my 2008 challenge, I got down to around the 150 pound mark, and I had to stop my personal training sessions with Krista due to the amount of money it cost.  I felt comfortable enough and confident enough in what she had taught me that I continued for a little while doing everything that was in my fitness notebook.  Then, I began to backslide.  And backslide, and then roll down the hill, and then be in the middle of an avalanche.  I gained 15 pounds, feel deeper into a depression, and was not really happy with anything, least of all the size of clothes I was wearing and how I was feeling inside.

I discovered running, and for awhile, I just had to force myself to do that.  I'd "run" for two minutes, then walk for three.  Pretty soon, I'd flip that, running for three, walking for two.  It built after that until I could jog for thirty minutes at a time, and I was elated!  I wish I could take back that day when I was doing sprints and I sprained my hamstring.  That was the summer of 2011.  Saw an Active Recovery Therapy specialist (Dr. Hummel is AWESOME!) and fast forward to now, which is the summer of 2012 when my hammie finally feels 95% healed.  I can jog anywhere between 30-60 minutes on the treadmill, depending on how much sleep and carbs I get, and I lost those fifteen pounds again.  I feel good only during the times when I am exercising, so that left another 23 hours of misery.

I was a pretty healthy eater--I eat all the healthy carbs and at the right times of day.  I did splurge once a week which generally resulted in such profound pain from the bloating that I wondered why I tortured myself!  I could expect to be "back to normal" by Wednesday following the Saturday-evening splurge.  Then I would eat a healthy carb (whole grain) and would balloon right up again.  After so much reading, I made a decision.

Go Gluten Free.

Holy mother of all wheat, Batman.  Today marks the end of three weeks being gluten free, and I have had no bloating after eating anything.  I don't have to wait until Wednesday to "be back to normal," because I am my normal self every day.  Of course, I have changed the types of splurgy meals that I like to eat, but call me crazy, but dang if I do like my tomatoes, chopped spinach, and parmesan cheese all mixed together.  And don't even get me started on the kick ass gluten-free grilled cheese sandwich that I love.  Oh, and grilled portobello mushrooms!  There is such a huge world of good food, and the only thing I truly crave are the Cheez-Its.  I have to find a healthy alternative to those little demons, but to get myself credit, I have not cheated on this one time.

I have read articles that suggest people not to do a gluten-free diet unless they need to for a confirmed case of Celiac Disease, but perhaps if more people ate fresh fruits, vegetables, healthy lean meats, and alternatives for wheat, then perhaps we could start healing our bodies from the inside out.

At the end of these three weeks I've noticed an increase in energy, fewer sneezing fits, no bloating, and I have lost five pounds.

Gonna keep on keepin' on.

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